Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week of Monday Oct 22 - Sunday Oct 28

In Tri Pack news this week:

MPak tried out her new trainer and liked it. Tracy finally got the pullup bar installed (with lots of help from Pete). A 30lb kettlebell and gymnastics rings were added to the gym. Pete ran the 9-Run-Run with a time of 1:45:09. Way to go Pete!

Swim #1: 200 swim/kick/pull/swim/kick/pull

Swim #2: 1200 continuous

Bike #1: 50 min spin

Bike #2: 25K or 1 hour spin

Run Int: warmup, 400m, 800m, 400m, cooldown

Run LSD: 8K

S&C #1: Strict Press, Pullups, Hollow Hold. For 12 mins: 1 dumbbell hurdle, 1 pushup, 2 hurdles, 2 pushups...

S&C #2: Back Squat. 5x5 T2B. For 6 mins, 30s ring rows/30s handstand or plank.

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  1. What I did:
    Thurs: S&C #1
    Fri: S&C #2
    Sat: Bike #2
    Sun: Swim #2